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November 2, 2015 marks exactly ten years since ALO went through immense turmoil with the departure of three employees, (two lawyers, one paralegal) without notice, who took with them a substantial number of cases. Read the rest of office news>>


moresunDolly Angstman


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Angstman Law Office was founded by Myron Angstman in 1977. Myron first came to Bethel as a Public Defender and was admitted to the Alaska Bar in 1974. After three years of working as a Public Defender, Myron opened a private practice.

Myron Angstman has handled about 200 jury trials in rural Alaska, and has won most of them. Included is the largest verdict ever in Bethel, more than nine million dollars in the case of Andrew v. Midwest Folding Table in 2005. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers and the Alaska Trial Lawyers, as well as the

American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) an invitation-only organization for successful trial lawyers.

Myron handles criminal and civil cases, and has won a wide variety of cases, including homicides, wrongful death cases, environmental claims, and aviation accidents. ALO has won cases in Bethel, Dillingham, Barrow, Nome and Kotzebue. ALO employs contract lawyers from around Alaska and the lower 48 to assist with cases as needed.

Angstman Law Office features a no nonsense approach to its cases. If you are looking for a high priced, slickly dressed attorney who speaks in a language few can understand, look elsewhere. Thousands of rural Alaskan have been happy with the services of Angstman Law Office over the years.

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jamesfishJames Nicholas

James was like a member of the family at the Angstman home in Bethel. He helped around the yard for about 30 years, but his involvement was way more than a helper. James was never hired for the job, he simply showed up one day when I was hitching dogs, and gave me a hand. The next day he came back at the same time, and I was hitching again, and he helped again. Read more>>












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