Ode to Myron

Where do I start?
Lawyer and friend,
And now an old fart!


Smart, witty, and a storyteller, too
One who loves dogs
Maybe even more than he loves Sue


You have been there for us
Through thick and through thin
Helping with icy traffic tickets
While trying not to spread yourself thin


All in all we are grateful
For your free legal advice
Being your friend
Has been really really nice!


Playing on the Old Friendly Dog Farm
With Mike, Dan, and Ron
Always calling for the ball and
trying not to do any harm


Beaver Round Up was a blast
With just a minor request
Caught between the waitress
Who was rather burlesque


Then stepping on the gas pedal
Was not Mike to blame
Leaving our friends exposed
To Walk the Hall of Shame

Lots of funny adventures
In Costa Rica, too
Getting locked in the bathroom
While using the loo


Keeper of the Kusko 300
That is who you are
A legacy, a celebrity
A true Alaskan superstar!


Oh wait!
Not only a musher,
But a pilot, too
Of an airplane Cessna 172


The mountains are calling
Your cabin awaits
Fishing and hunting
near turquoise colored lakes


Walkie talkie mishap
At Chauekuktuli Lake
Boys being boys
Oh, what a comical mistake!


The stories, the memories
Collecting over the years
Will not be forgotten
But remembered with laughter and tears


You are one of a kind
There is no one like you
Your beautiful family
Dolly, Sara, Andy, and Sue


So today we honor you
Not wanting to roast
70 is just an airspeed
I call for a toast


So lets go for the whiskey
Lets go for the beer
Lets give Myron one big
GOPHER cheer!


(make gopher sound ffffffffff)